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Who We Are

Value Genome, LLC. is a team of pharmaceutical and biotech executives with extensive real-world industry experience who share a common passion for assisting biopharmaceutical innovators in maximizing the pricing and reimbursement potential of their assets. We combine our health economic, medical, pricing, and reimbursement expertise with our extensive payer relations and direct product launch experience.

  • We collaborate with you in developing market access strategies by looking at the clinical development program through product launch and across your product life-cycle to reveal the CLINICAL and ECONOMIC VALUE of your asset as defined by key stakeholders.
  • We achieve this by engaging external stakeholders at all levels of health care delivery:
    • Government/Commercial Payers and Their Advisors
    • Physicians and Their Professional Societies
    • Healthcare and Insurance Networks
    • Patients and Patient Advocacy Organizations
    • Hospital and Treatment Centers
    • Health Technology Assessment Agencies
    • Ministry Officials
    • Health Economic Thought Leaders

The goal is to shape your clinical development program to be payer ready and to optimize your product access globally.

Strategic Collaborators and Advisors

Rapid Commercialization Partners, Inc. (RCP) is dedicated to accelerating commercial readiness for clinical-stage biotech companies and offers a foundational shift in how biotech companies can achieve commercial success and rapid time to value. Engaging a team of senior commercial leaders with comprehensive biotech experience and unparalleled proficiency in critical subject matter areas essential to support  commercialization, RCP works provides strategic and executional expertise on critical decision points early in the commercialization process to build the commercial foundation, address observable inefficiency, and bring needed therapies to patients  faster and with improved fiscal responsibility.

Joseph Eichenholz, MA

Chief US Value and Access Strategy Lead

Mark Rubino, R.Ph, M.B.A.

Retired, Former Chief Pharmacy Officer Value Genome LLC

You are a young life sciences company that has embarked on a demanding entrepreneurial journey. At your fingertips, you hold a promise of a technology that can help patients live better lives. But how do you turn your idea into a fully-fledged solution that physicians will prescribe, patients will use and payers will pay for, a product that has a realistic chance of being adopted in clinical practice? 

If you are in such a position but lack the expertise or time to handle all that needs to be done, talk to me to explore how I can help you define or sharpen your business, portfolio or product strategy, and put fundamentals in place for a successful launch.

Pretium Strategy’s expertise includes:

  • Leading early commercial assessment and pipeline optimization

  • Shaping integrated development and commercialization strategies for new product launches

  • Driving cross-functional launch efforts to ensure seamless execution

  • Planning and executing global expansion, with a specialized focus on Europe

  • Scaling growth-stage companies for commercial launch


Pharma, Biotech, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Digital Health

We enable life sciences companies to develop strategic commercialisation, access and pricing plans in the Middle East and Africa

The complexities of emerging markets such as the Middle East and Africa make launching and market access increasingly challenging. From a lack of market transparency, to limited data availability and competitive information, the challenges are endless.

Our strategic consultancy and unparalleled regional experience helps companies navigate these circumstances, identify optimal market access and pricing routes and deliver data-driven solutions to address even the most complex of challenges.